Creativ Company’s Quality and Environmental Policy

At Creativ Company, we want to take responsibility for our planet and offer hobby products and toys that spark joy and creativity in everyone, both young and older.

That is why we are quality and environmentally certified in accordance with the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and therefore commit us to continuously update and increase the requirements for our products, our partners – and first of all ourselves. After all, we – the employees of Creativ Company – are the ones who select products, suppliers, and partners.

We not only comply with all current legislation, but also develop our own products with a strong focus on sustainability, safety, learning, play and health. Through training and personal development, we ensure that all Creativ Company employees have the necessary knowledge and expertise to enable us to live up to our quality and environmental goals.


Read our entire Quality and Environmental Policy here.

See our ISO certificates here.


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