Secure and efficient order processing

When we receive an order, we quickly and efficiently take care of it in our state-of-the-art logistics system. We are continuously expanding our storage capacity and streamlining the processes – most recently with the installation of Autostore – our fully automated warehouse robot.
Autostore contains 58,950 boxes that pick the items in the warehouse system that you have ordered from us. Each box can contain up to eight different item types, and the robots themselves choose the smartest available route in the warehouse to collect your items. The robots can work around the clock and charge themselves when they lack power.

Autostore has increased our storage capacity by 150%, so we can now offer you even more creative products. Autostore not only increases flexibility, improves delivery reliability, and minimizes errors in expeditions – the robot warehouse also spares our employees. The automation has improved the working environment and minimized work-related injuries for our colleagues in the warehouse. When we are busy, for example during our high season, we put more robots into action and increase the number of hours they run – without necessarily causing stress and more overtime hours for our warehouse employees. With Autostore, we work smarter and faster, so you get your ordered goods as quickly as possible, while at the same time sparing our employees.

See more about our supply chain in the video below.

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